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2017 Popular Marketing Inflatable Event Tent
2017 Popular Marketing Inflatable Event Tent
2017 Popular Marketing Inflatable Event Tent
2017 Popular Marketing Inflatable Event Tent
2017 Popular Marketing Inflatable Event Tent
2017 Popular Marketing Inflatable Event Tent

2017 Popular Marketing Inflatable Event Tent

  • Model NO.: DC-IT1-6660
  • Price:USD 2200.00-2800.00 / set
  • Delivery:FOB
  • Min order:1 set
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:30 set / Month
  • Country of Origin:Dongguan
  • Stock Time:10 days Days

Inflatable X tent

X tent is smart in configuration. Canopy, legs, 4 walls, awnings, connecting cloth, different combinations make differnt outlook, its versatility attracted many clients to have them on kinds of events like jewelry shows car shows, parties and even for personal entertainment.

so far we have 3m*3m, 4m*4m, 5m*5m, 6m*6m, 7m*7m and 8m*8m sizes for options.

canopy, wall, leg, awning , connecting cloth all can be printed. it is an outstanding tool for adverttising at indoor as well as outdoor events.


canopy, walls, leg cover, leg TPU, awning, awning banner, awning TPU, connecting cloth all can be zippered on or off.



Tent size








Wall H






Packing Size(cm)







PhotoNameQtyUsageIf free or not


Stake8pcsfor tent sturdinessyes
2.pngrope8pcsfor tent sturdinessyes
3.pnghand pump1 pcsinflate tentyes
4.pngelectronic blower1 pcsfor indoor fast inflatation no/ $30 per pc
5.pngDC 12V blower1 pcsfor outdoor fast inflatation no/ $120 per pc
6.pngvalve3 pcswhere to insert the blower/ pump mouthyes
7.pngover pressure valve2pcsfor air leakingyes
8.pngsand/water bag4 pcsfor sturdinessyes
9.pngcarry bag(S/L size)1 pcsfor easy takingno/ 55 or 65 per pc
10.pngTPU tapes4 pcsfor repairing TPU bladderyes

Stock fabric material

70D Dacron: wall , awning roof awning banner and connecting cloth


400D Dacron: canopy, awning roof, awning banner and connecting cloth


250D Dacron: Leg cover


0.45MM PVC: Leg bottom



1.Eye catching apperance

2. New branded air sealed system, no need continuous air flowing, environment-friendly, light and portable

3. Smart assemable and disassemble, easy for exchange and maitenance.

4. Professional LED lighting system provide enough light for the event activityand increase the attention to the brand.

5. Durable material, careful reinforcement treatment, 7 years producing experience.

6. new generation inflation system on the leg, one inflation , but all 4 legs separated from each other after inflation.

7. with patent, more professional and authoritative.

Comparison with competitors' tent

Priority on research and design

NameKCCECompetitors' tentKCCE advantages
Developing time2010~2017just start7years dedicate to air tight tent
X tentthe 3rd generation framejust startmature in design, high level in quality,reasonable in frame, convenient in using
Patentmore that 15 patentsnomore professional, more authoritative
New itemsevery year has new designed itemsnomore ideas, more choices for clients,formed a complete event products series
Research/Customizedclients' ideas can be customized nohave many personal designs from clients
Modularity system

1. each leg can be separated

2. canopy and leg can be separated

3.leg fabric and TPU can be separated

4. canopy and wall can be separated

5.tent and tent, awning and connecting cloth can be combined or separated

only several parts can be combined or separatedsmart on exchange and maintanence
Airtight system

1. valve

2.fix cap

3. over pressure valve

4.cap with connecting tube

5, air-controlled valve

several itemsdesigned some new molds of valves to make the products safer, more unique, more perfect
LED system3 kinds of different LED lightfew kinds

eye catching and brighten the brand

Stitching Technology

NameKCCE tentCompetitors' tentKCCE Advantages
Leg fabricone straigh seam+ two zigzag seamone straight seammore strong and beautiful
each seam with reinforcement glue tapenoprotectthe seam parts/reduce the friction from TPU and leg fabric
0.45mm PVC+ abrasion resistant bottomno abrasion resistant bottomprotect the leg bottom from abrasion
Canopyeach seam has waterproof glue stripnowaterproof
zipper cover inside with elastic stripno zipper cover or no elastic stripbetter waterpoof ability
wallwall can be reversiblenot reversiblepossible to show the logo from inside or outside

Leg Frame

NameKCCE tentCompetitors' tentKCCE advantages
Leg fabriccustomized fabricnormal market fabricmore professional
industrial silknormal silkdouble strenthen than that of other suppliers'
flame retardantnoPassed CAPI-84, GS 5438
strong hardnessnormal hardnessavoid the twisting from bladder and fabric, more flat and nice
strips surface, has dark stripssmooth surfacehigh level and and quality
TPU bladderPolyester TPUPolyester TPU/PVCenvironment-friendly,hydrolyze polyester, can suffer more times of water corrode
thickness 0.3mmthickness 0.12-0.25mmgood airtightness,reduce air leaking
hosepieceno welding , ensure the airtightness
400D canopy fabric400D heat resistance fabric/70D rip-stop fabric210D dacron, 40D Dacronbetter strength, more choice
flame retardant coatingnoCAPI-84, GS 5438
waterproof coatingno1500mm-2000mm
UV resistantno50+
70D wall400D heat resistance fabric/70D rip-stop fabric300Ddacron, 40D Dacronbetter strength, more choices
flame retardant coatingnoCAPI-84, GS 5438
waterproof coatingno1500mm-2000mm
UV resistantno50+
ZipperYKK zippernormal zipperensure the better quality
Accessory4pcs sand/waterbag, 8pcs rope, 8pcs stakes, 1 hand pump, TPU tapes, valves, blower, DC 12V blower, carry bag with customozied Logono such more ready accessoriesmore convenient to anchor and set up the tent


Q: Can it be set up by one person?

A:for small sizes, yes. but for bigger than 5m sizes, we suggest at least 2 people. each peron can stand on oppisite sides to pull the frame evenly and adjust the canopy as the frame expands set up is easiest when you have at least 4 people to assist with assembly ( but not necessary) position one person at each conner.

Q. what is the printing process?

all tents can be custom printed to your creative images. we use hot transfer printing.

A. how long can the tent stand after inflation?

usually it can stand at least 30 days after one inflation.

Q. does it need a blower to work along with?

A: no, it is air tight.

Q. will it blow up with extra air pressure?

A: no, there are over pressure valves in each tent, when the air pressure is higher than 5 Pa.

  • Place of Origin:Guangdong,China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:KCCE
  • Model Number:DC-IT1-66
  • Type:5 + Person Tent
  • Layers:Double
  • Fabric:Other
  • Pole Material:Other
  • Area:6 Square Metres
  • Color:Optional