Anchor Large Inflatable Tent with Stakes/sand bags/ropes


when you received the air tents shipped by sea or by air , please check the packages first. To see if the accessories you ordered are correct without missing and mistakes.

when you or your client use the tent, make sure valves and over pressure valves are not dropped out from the holes of the air tube fabric, please reset them with the Velcro.

when you inflate the air tent, please make sure the space is big enough for the air tent and stretch the frame as flat as possible (make sure the air tube is not twisting)  do not let anything sharp object to puncture the air tent. even better if you can put a mat on the floor to protect the air tent from abrasion with the floor.

when you setup the tent outside, please use sand bags , stakes, and ropes to well anchoring the tents, the large tents can not be used without ropes and stakes because of its light weight.

Next, we will introduce how t anchor the large 8m inflatable tent with stakes, sand bags and ropes.

  1. If the floor or earth is not solid , attach the air tent with ropes to stakes, and insert the stakes into the soft earth.
  2. Each tube with one sand bags, filling water bags with water or filling sand bags with sand, attach the bags around the air tube
  3. Anchor the walls with stakes on the soft floor, or add weight like brick or rock.