Inflatable Sofa/Couch Advantages and Disadvantages


1, Because of the pervasiveness characteristic of air , inflatable air sofa/couch make human body 100% fit it when people siting or lying down, The inflatable sofa/couch gets rid of the heavy weight compared with traditional sofa/couch, indoor and outdoor can be placed at will. Small size after deflation, collection is very convenient. Applicable to a lot of places: such as the people or families who often move to work, temporary sofa/couch for visitors in a not big place, office lunch break nap, travel camping, outdoor advertising activities. The inflatable sofa/couch is designed according to the principle of "ergonomics", using the air buoyancy to support the human body evenly, realize the sofa and human body closely fit, which is beneficial to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible, and create a natural, comfortable and healthy senior enjoyment for you!

Wide use, multiple functions

A, inflatable sofa/couch volume is small, weight is light, the volume after air deflation is as big as the volume of bed sheet, weight is very light also, can fold rise pack into backpack.

B. The inflatable sofa/couch is divided into two layers. The outer cover and inner bladder can be replaced, which is very convenient and cost saving

C. the printing cover of inflatable sofa  can be customized by customers, which is fashionable and has personal and company brand characteristics

C, for often-move-and-often-carry outside events and activities, inflatable sofa/couch  not only reduce much burdens but also can save some space for the activity site.

E. Others, such as travel, camping, swimming, temporary rest or nap after work or sports, are all applicable.

3. Use and maintenance of inflatable sofa/couch

A. the air furniture can be inflated immediately after it is bought back, ad it can be used after the first filling. Try not to overfill the air.

B, once filled with air after 10 days, inflatable sofa/couch will be some lax, this is a normal phenomenon, inflatable sofa/couch material some elastic, filled with air after some big soft, just feel lax, as long as inflation to achieve the desired effect, but do not blow too full.

C, Seasonal conversion temperature rise, inflatable sofa air expansion, pay attention to air release. Be careful not to bear more than 200KG.

D. When the temperature drops, the sofa will become soft. Pay attention to air replenishment; Any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to inflate the inflatable sofa/couch timely

E, at any time can not be inflated enough (especially in summer), otherwise the inside pull belt sofa will overload and fracture, this situation will not be repaired.

F. Ensure that there are no sharp objects such as nails or thorns on the floor

G. When the inflatable sofa/couch cover is dirty, you can wash it by hand or machine

H. When installing and replacing the inflatable sofa/couch cover , do not inflate the bladder too full, so as to avoid damage to the cover zipper or damage to the inner bladder by friction between the zipper and the inner bladder

4. Is it troublesome to deflate?

A. when releasing air, open the air valve, and the air will naturally be discharged from the inflatable sofa/couch. If you sit on the sofa to release air, the exhaust speed is very fast, less than one minute, you will naturally discharge clean, the heavier the pressure, the faster the discharge. This is the fastest way to discharge gas;

B. If there is some residual air that cannot be discharged quickly, the exhaust energy of an electric pump can be used

4. Teach you how to repair the inflatable sofa/couch

A. needle repair:

If your inflatable sofa/couch is accidentally pricked by a needle or wooden thorn one or more small needle eyes, is the most easy to repair:

1. Cover the air valve after air release to reduce the air flow in the sofa;

2. Take out the patch piece in the patch bag, cut it to an appropriate size, and affix it to the hole;

3. If the hole is too big to be repaired, the inner bladder can be replaced

4. After the repair, wait for four hours before inflating.

B. repair cuts or burns:

If your inflatable sofa cover cover is accidentally cut by a knife or burned a big hole, please do not panic, according to the following order, can be repaired:

1. Cover the air valve after air release to reduce the air flow in the sofa;

2. Find out the patch material in the repair kit, cut off a piece, and cover the broken seam sufficiently;

3. Sew it with a needle

1, remember not to inflate too full (especially in summer), do not carry on too violent movement on sofa,please use the inflatable sofa/couch properly and normally.