Inflatable Desk with LED light


Atmosphere lamp originated from Europe and America. When it was invented in 1930, it was just an experimental lamp, which was not widely used. But the lamp colour that people discovers gradually has the effect on human body and mental. Afterwards, some hospital took advantage of the function of light color to help patient rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment. Then airlines realized that they could use warm and cold colors to simulate different times of day. They installed ambience lights in the cabin and timed them during long and cross-time zone flights to help passengers adjust their circadian rhythms.

KCCE Inflatable tables with LED lights are to use this function to entertain people,create a romantic and colorful event and promotion site to ease peoples mood, meanwhile catching people’s eyes.

Press yellow button,KCCE inflatable table lights immediately into yellow, soothing people; Switch to "white", KCCE inflatable table is quickly filled with natural light which makes a person shine; Pressing the "blue" or "purple" button also gives the KCCE inflatable table a dark neon red color that makes people want to listen to music, watch movies, drink alcohol and even have a party.

More and more outdoor sports, advertising promotions and trade fairs need lights to attract people. When people hold outdoor activities or trade fairs, KCCE LED inflatable tables and tubes become good advertising tools, which can not only provide a fantastic activity scene.

In addition, KCCE inflatable tables and tubes are especially fast in inflation and deflation, which simplifies the work of outdoor workers and greatly improves the efficiency.