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  • Product Name:Roof Top Tent
  • Color:White
  • Floor:Oxford Floor
  • Package:1pc/pouch
  • MOQ:1 Unit
  • Size:1800mm
  • Usage:isolation
  • Feature:UV-resistant
  • Keyword:Privacy Tent
  • Material:190T Polyester
  • Tent Style:Tube Type Tent Stake
  • Season:Four-season Tent
  • Structure:One bedroom
  • Bottom Waterproof Index:2000-3000 mm
  • Outside Tent Waterproof Index:1500-2000 mm

Why Medical Tent


Recently, affected by epidemic, many customers asked about inflatable medical tents. There is very little demand for advertising tents because many countries cannot go out and cannot party.
KCCE was originally a professional manufacturer of inflatable tents with more than ten years of experience.
Therefore, KCCE is currently developing medical tents.
The demand for inflatable medical tents is large, and the minimum order quantity is larger than that of advertising inflatable tents. Due to the influence of a specific environment, the delivery time is faster, the price is cheaper, and certain qualifications are required.



PVC tarpaulin is heavier than TPU and fabric, so a tent with the same single layer PVC tarpaulin inflatable structure will be heavier than a tent with a double layer structure TPU inflatable structure.


The difference between inflatable medical tents and advertising tents is that people have to live in inflatable medical tents, so inflatable medical tents will have many details that are different from advertising tents.











  • Color:GRAY