How to Use the Inflatable Arch Properly


The inflatable arches includes inflatable round arches, inflatable double arch, inflatable square arches and custom cartoon arches.  Inflatable arches have advantages such as convenience and economy. It is the first choice of outdoor advertising media for various opening ceremony, expo, exhibition and sports meeting. But inflatable arches easily break down if they are not used properly.

Do you know how to use the inflatable arches properly? 

Correct use of inflatable arch:

  1. install the inflatable arches correctly First of all, do not fix the power cord on the access way , so that people can normal access;
  2. Open the bag of the arch, tie a rope to two buckles on the surface of the arch and two ropes at the back, and stuff sandbags inside the legs of the arch; Blow it up and fit it stably;
  3.  Tie the rope tightly.

If you watch the weather forecast the day before the arch rises and know there is wind, you need to tie the rope around the arch and put more sandbags. If there is wind above six degrees, do not blow the arch. In the use process, if pedestrians walk over the wire and caused the arch falling incautiously , do not panic, reattach the power plug to the power supply , the arch itself will stand up.

 inflatable arch maintenance:

  1. air products are easily to be broken. Just like the clothes we wear, the best materials can not against strong tearing. When using the arch, be sure to avoid sharp objects such as branches in the sky and iron hooks on communication cables.
  2.  Do not drag inflatable arches. When you need to move the air arches, lift it up and move it in the air . If you drag it often, it is easy to wear out. The fabric is not fire proof . In the ceremonies , fireworks are inevitable. We must remind the customer to keep the inflatable arch away from the fire source at least 6 meters.